The Pre - Interview PEP Talk.

by James Hitti on 19 November 2021
The Pre - Interview PEP Talk.

There are some huge benefits of having a good legal recruiter in your corner.

The thing is we all get nervous before an interview.

Even those who say they don’t, do. They just have a way to manage those nerves.

Whether they

1. consciously worked at it
2. subconsciously worked at it, absorbing the knowledge from their environment and/or peers


3. have simply developed a ‘self-talk’ that sees them through

The fact is they have a mechanism for handling the nerves.
Whichever one of the above camps you fall into, having a Pre- Interview Pep talk gives you a MASSIVE advantage compared to not having one.

Make no mistake – IF you want to ACE that interview you HAVE to Prepare

If you do this with a friend or relative, they can often do a good job at generally ‘G-ing’ you up but unless they are a legal recruitment consultant or hiring manager/ partner there is a good chance that there may be some key things they could miss that could really help you.

A good recruiter will identify what you need to work on at that time.

Amongst other things a good pre-interview pep talk will involve:

• Talking to you about the interview itself
• Who you will be meeting
• The type of question style to expect for this stage of your interview process
• The questions that you need to prepare for
• Talk through how to relate your experience to the opportunity you are interviewing for
• The research you need to do
• Potentially discussing subtle body language techniques - that work
• If you are really nervous there are other techniques that can be suggested (some do sound a little bit out there I admit)
• Help you handle the salary question
• Advise you on what questions to ask

There is a BUT here – You have to be honest.

If your legal recruiter is asking you how you are feeling about your upcoming interview – tell them.

If you’re not sure what questions to ask - they need to know, to help you add that string to your bow.

If you are worried about explaining moves on your cv – they can help you, but only if you tell them.

Most importantly a good legal recruiter can help identify what YOU needed to hear at the time to ready YOU for the interview. We are a bit like the Oracle - if you know your Matrix.

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About the author

James Hitti
Director & Head of Scotland, Commercial & International
James started his career in Legal recruitment in 2005, joining G2 in 2017 to manage the Scotland team. He specialises in qualified solicitor appointments, from NQ to Partner, in Private Practice & In-House across Edinburgh & Glasgow.