Time For a New Job?

by James Hitti on 06 December 2021
Time For a New Job?



Sometimes we know all too well that it’s time to get a new job.  The signs smack one on us and that’s it, it’s like a light bulb moment and the motivation to change is there.

Yet other times those signs pass us right by.  They can even be thought of as just a normal part of working life.

If you’re experiencing any of the following perhaps it is time you started looking for your next legal career move

  1. Rarely feeling motivated
  2. You are often irritable
  3. You’re not excited by work anymore
  4. You’ve stopped caring
  5. You have zero flexibility
  6. You are not listened to
  7. Your health is suffering
  8. You’re eating too much / little
  9. You’ve thought about finding a new job
  10. You hate Mondays

Life is definitely too short to be in a job that is making you unhappy.  If you are feeling any of the above now is the time to make that change. 

This is a strong market for the job seeker and there are some real step change career opportunities out there. 

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About the author

James Hitti
Director & Head of Scotland, Commercial & International
James started his career in Legal recruitment in 2005, joining G2 in 2017 to manage the Scotland team. He specialises in qualified solicitor appointments, from NQ to Partner, in Private Practice & In-House across Edinburgh & Glasgow.