Cycling to work - the new way forward

by Martin McGhee on 22 March 2022
Cycling to work - the new way forward

Here at G2 Legal we deal with lots of law firms and companies which take part in the cycle to work scheme, but what benefits does cycling to work truly have, I hear you ask? It has a variety, ranging from your physical and mental wellbeing, helping the environment, and boosting your performance levels in work. Here is why cycling to work can really benefit all parties involved. 

Physical Fitness 

One of the most obvious benefits of cycling to work is that it improves your physical fitness. You will see an increase in your stamina as well as your lung capacity (bringing an advantage in those all-important meetings when you’re using pauses to build suspense!). 

Quality Rest 

Regular exercise is known to provide a higher quality level of rest. Not only does it help you get to sleep more easily at night, but it also increases the amount of deep sleep you get, which is key to getting the most restorative sleep. Feeling truly rested is key to performing to your upmost ability while at work.  

Greener Footprint  

By cycling to work, you significantly cut down your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions through air pollutants, improving your carbon footprint! 

Mental Well-being  

Mental well-being is key to a healthy work-life balance, but stress can really begin to build underneath the surface without you fully noticing. Being physically active has been shown to make you more relaxed and increase your self-esteem through releasing adrenaline and endorphins, which can really help with improving your mental health. Thus, cycling is a great way to start the day when arriving at the office and to clear your head after a long day’s work when you’re heading home! 

Let us know if you experience these benefits of cycling to work! Alternatively, get in touch for information regarding the current legal market or potential opportunities. We’re always happy to help! 

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About the author

Martin is a legal recruitment consultant specialising in placing qualified solicitors, from Newly Qualified through to Partner, as well as Trainee solicitors approaching qualification, in all legal disciplines across Scotland.